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Tongue & Lip Tie Therapy

What Is A Tongue & Lip Tie?

Oral restrictions can occur anywhere within the mouth and can prevent normal movement and function of the tongue. A tongue tie (ankyloglossia) is the most common form of oral restriction. It occurs when the tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too short, thick, or tight. This restricts the tongue’s normal range of motion and strength. In our experience, it also causes a tightening of the fascial system, causing tension and tightness in a baby’s body.

A lip tie is when the tissue connecting the upper (or lower) lip to the gum is short or too thick, preventing free movement. This tie tends to occur in conjunction with a tongue tie. A buccal tie refers to tissues that attach the inside of the cheeks to the gums, restricting normal movement. This may prevent a baby from being able to open their mouth wide enough to eat well.

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Signs And Symptoms

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Baby Symptoms Can Include:

Colic, gassy, irritable
Falling asleep within minutes
Sleepy feeds that take forever
Difficulty keeping a latch, pops on and off
Not emptying breasts fully
Swallowing air, clicking
Chomping, gumming
Always seems so hungry 
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Mom Symptoms Can Include

Milk supply issues
Plugged ducts/mastisis
Cracked, bleeding, damaged nipples
Pain with nursing
Lipstick shaped nipple


What causes tongue and lip ties?
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How Can Milk Matters PT Help?

A baby’s ability to feed well is dependent upon moving the tongue and entire body freely and effectively. Our specialty-trained therapists work with babies to assist with suck training, proper latch, and improving movement and positions through specialized developmental exercises and hands-on techniques such as stretches. We customize treatment plans specifically for your child so you can confidently reach your goals as a family.

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Allison Caplin- Portsmouth, NH
Dr. Kristi Hammerle, Austin TX
Dr. Mann
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Dr. Narpat Jain
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Praise From Our Parents & Caregivers

“Dianna at Milk Matters PT made us feel instantly confident in working with her. She was super knowledgeable and got us to our goals. He was able to move his tongue and body in ways we’d never seen before! It’s a beautiful space, great people, and we highly recommend it. Thanks team!”

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