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The Leaders In Tongue & Lip Tie Therapy In NJ


Milk Matters PT provides tongue and lip tie therapy (pre and post frenectomy), feeding therapy, physical and occupational therapy to our patients in the comfort of our office or our patients' homes in addition to community playgroups!

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dr gigi
We care

At Milk Matters PT, You And Your Child Always Come First

We believe every child follows a unique path on their developmental journey as they grow. Our skilled pediatric therapists customize treatment plans specifically for your child’s feeding goals. Discover why our whole body approach is the most effective care for your baby.

Why Milk Matters?

How We Can Help

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Tongue & Lip Tie Therapy

We are the premier providers who have a deep understanding of tongue-tie and lip ties and their impact on feeding difficulties.

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Feeding Therapy

Our feeding therapists work closely with patients and their families to determine the source of feeding difficulties (beyond breastfeeding or bottlefeeding) and develop strategies to make the process easy and enjoyable.

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Occupational & Physical Therapy

Our pediatric physical and occupational therapists are specialists in treating the unique needs of children and make therapy  fun and enjoyable.

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Play Groups

We offer playgroup classes to our local community to educate and empower parents to nurture all areas of development.

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“Education and empowerment are fundamental to Milk Matters Physical Therapy. I truly believe that parents can thrive together with their babies as they learn to trust their instincts. The internet is chock full of quasi-accurate information that can be overwhelming and misleading.  I love to educate and empower women (in a silly fun way) to follow their gut! In doing so, we’ve created a beautiful community where parents feel safe, heard and open to becoming the best version of themselves for their baby.”

Dr. Gigi
Parents and children

Together We Can…

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Access a pain-free protocol that can help your baby feed and move more comfortably – whether you are deciding on what’s next, are looking for some pre-work or have already had a release.

Dr gigi with a baby


We are passionate about furthering the education of those dedicated to learning and have already trained many parents and professionals through our courses, mentoring and speaking engagements.

Dr gigi with a baby


Take a peek at some of our favorite developmental toys and tools.

Moms and children

Love From Our Families

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“Dianna at Milk Matters PT made us feel instantly confident in working with her. She was super knowledgeable and got us to our goals. He was able to move his tongue and body in ways we’d never seen before! It’s a beautiful space, great people, and we highly recommend it.  Thanks team!”

Amanda and Jacob
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“Within a couple of weeks, all our issues were fixed, it was absolutely amazing!  Dr. Gigi has helped him so much with every issue that he had. It helped in so many more aspects than chiropractics alone. He hardly ever cries. As soon as she sees him getting upset, she stops what she’s doing and makes sure he is happy.  That was the biggest part for us. She listens to the baby.”

Julia Deemer

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