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Play Groups

Play, explore and learn with us!
movement matters - play group

Movement Matters

45-minute sessions for 0-6 month olds.

A fun curriculum teaching ways to play & connect with baby, all the best toys to nurture development
Access to physical therapists (and mom) to answer all your mommyhood question
A Community of local moms on your same journey

toddler sensory play - play group

Toddler Sensory Play Group

45-minute sessions for 12-36 month olds.

Access to an occupational therapist to answer all your questions.
Designed to keep up with your to toddler’s short attention span and curiosity

eat the rainbow - play group

Eat the Rainbow Feeding Group

45 minute sessions for ages 6 months +

A low-stress environment to explore all foods for new and picky eaters
Access to a feeding therapist to answer your questionsTasting menu of several ways to present healthy foods to your baby

playgroups - children and parents
Have fun

What Are Milk Matters PT Play Groups? 

Milk Matters PT is passionate about educating and empowering parents to nurture development in all areas. Our playgroups are thoughtfully designed and run by registered pediatric physical and occupational therapists.