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Feeding therapy
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Feeding Therapy

What Is Feeding Therapy?

Feeding therapy helps with successful eating, drinking, and mealtime engagement. Challenges can include difficulty chewing and managing foods, frequent spilling or difficulty drinking from age appropriate vessels (breast, bottle, or cup), challenges tolerating textures, trouble with staying at the table or participating in mealtime routines, or trouble using age appropriate utensils for self-feeding.

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Who Is It For?

Feeding therapy is available to both infants and children from age 0-6 years. It is performed by our trained feeding therapist with skills and knowledge to help a child strengthen their eating, drinking, and mealtime participation skills.

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Infants with breastfeeding,  bottle feeding difficulties or aversions
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Infants transitioning to solid foods and cup drinking
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Infants, toddlers, and children who have trouble chewing food or drinking from straw or open cup
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Toddlers & children with limited variety of foods or textures in their diet
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Children having trouble self-feeding with utensils

Sign And Symptoms

Frequently losing liquid or food from sides or front of mouth when eating or drinking
Holding liquid or food in sides of mouth for long periods
Refusal to eat foods that are a certain texture, color, temperature, flavor, etc.
Frequent gagging or vomiting when eating
Becomes upset and pushes away from parent during bottle or breast feeding
Frequently pushes food, utensils, or cups away during mealtime
Refusal to sit in highchair or seat at table for meals


Do babies benefit from feeding therapy?
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How can a feeding therapist help my baby who refuses to take a bottle?
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What does it mean if my child gags every time that they eat?
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Is feeding therapy an option if my child only eats 3 foods and refuses all others?
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How Can Milk Matters PT Help?

Milk Matters PT offers evaluation and treatment by a trained feeding therapist who specializes in infant, toddler, and childhood feeding difficulties. An evaluation consists of a detailed child history related to feeding; an assessment of oral motor, gross/fine motor, and sensory processing skills related to age appropriate development and feeding skills; and clinical observations of the child's current feeding routine. An individualized treatment plan is developed to address challenges.  As a pediatric practice, we utilize fun and engaging strategies to motivate each child while building important skills. Each plan of care is uniquely developed with the family's goals in mind to ensure that each child and family is given the tools and strategies to reach their full potential!

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Praise From Our Parents & Caregivers

“Dr. Tadros is the best and has massively improved the quality of our life in many ways. She gave us lots of pointers and small achievable goals to work towards, which as first time parents was amazing! Our time with Dr Tadros and her team has been so valuable and I wish that every baby could meet her, it would be a better world.”

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Madeline and Andrew

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