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Occupational & Physical Therapy

What Is Pediatric Occupational & Physical Therapy?

Pediatric Physical Therapy is a specialized practice that improves the lives and daily function of babies & children who present with a wide range of injuries and congenital conditions. Pediatric Occupational Therapy focuses on helping babies & children develop the skills they need to grow into functional, independent adults.  All our pediatric PTs and OTs are trained

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Conditions that might benefit from pediatric physical therapy

Flat Head
Tongue/Lip Tie
Cerebral Palsy
Spina Bifida
Gross Motor Delay
Genetic Syndromes
Autistic Spectrum
Neuromuscular Disorders
Erb's Palsy
Orthopedic Conditions
Developmental Delays
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Conditions that might benefit from pediatric occupational therapy

Sensory processing disorders
Physical limitations
Developmental delays and learning disabilities
Hypersensitivity to sound, touch, or movement
Handwriting/pencil grasp difficulties
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Difficulty with self care tasks
Poor eye contact
ADHD or attention difficulties
Lack of purposeful play


How is pediatric therapy different than regular physical/occupational therapy?
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How Can Milk Matters PT Help?

Our physical therapists specialize and can assist with treating motor delays, oral motor skills, torticollis, plagiocephaly, low and high tone, crawling skills, rolling skills, developmental delays, orthopedic or neuromuscular conditions.

Our occupational therapists specialize and can assist in treating tongue ties, oral motor skills, motor delays, torticollis with visual component, sensory processing concerns, reflex integration, fine motor skills, sensory feeding, independent play skills and more.

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In Home Pediatric PT

Looking for physical and occupational therapy for children up to 18 years of age? Our sister company, In Home Pediatric PT, treats a variety of conditions for children. With our concierge model of care, our trained therapists come to you at a convenient time for your family and customize a treatment plan to allow you to thrive. Our rigorously trained and licensed pediatric therapists work in YOUR home and begin with a comprehensive evaluation. Then, an in-home therapy treatment plan is developed with your child and family.

This treatment plan is reviewed regularly to evaluate progress and is updated as needed. Treatment plans typically include:

Comprehensive assessment and evaluation
Individualized treatment plans
Customized, evidence-based treatments

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